Welcome to Winning in Wisconsin! You’re probably wondering, “who the heck is writing all this stuff?”

Nina E Ottman Photo

I’m Nina E Ottman. I’m a User Experience Designer in Wisconsin, and I wrote this blog for you! Each post is a glimpse into my world and my passions: people (and our deep human connections), organization (of all kinds!) and sprinklings of joy (so we don’t go crazy!). It’s my belief that through continuous self-improvement in each of these areas, we can create satisfying and fulfilling lives.

That’s the “win” I’m looking for.

My story is not a linear one. I spent over a decade working in customer service while simultaneously running my own part-time business indexing books. A mentor and friend challenged me to step into an HR role and it was finally clear where my passion was leading me. 

Customer experience. Employee experience. User experience.

My school career was just as confusing. I started out exploring my interests in graphic design and computer science, but all that pixel-pushing tedium left me feeling alone and out of touch. I needed to make a difference. I needed to be with people. I needed to take ownership of my life and make it better.

This is what I have to offer you. Winning in Wisconsin’s blog is filled with thoughts, ideas, and lessons-learned to help you in your own journey. 

If you have feedback or questions while you’re reading, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

Kick ass. Take ownership. Grow every day.