UX Designer, obsessively human focused.

I’m Nina Ottman. I’m the voice of Winning in Wisconsin. I’ve been “officially” part of the UX Design world only since Spring of 2020, but my user experience journey started long ago. My time as a book indexer (OG Information Architecture – Am I right?) and customer service manager still inform my UX designs today.

Below are the projects I’m most proud of. If you feel inspired, want to collaborate, or just want to say hey, you can reach me by visiting my contact page.

Travel Tats App

The Travel Tats app was created as a project for CareerFoundry’s UX Design Immersion course in 2020.

Read more about it.

Lingo Vocabulary App

This project was created for CareerFoundry’s UX Design Fundamentals course in April, 2020.

Read more about it.

Interactive HR Forms

This project was a series of form redesigns for a Human Resources department in 2019.

Read more about it.

Mentor Program & Action Plan

This employee mentoring program was designed for a grocery store’s customer service team in 2015.

Read more about it.

Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.

—American Humanist Association