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  • 5 Self-Management Tricks for a Grueling Desk Job
    Whether your job excites you or not, you know you’ve got to show up and do the work. Your personal integrity depends on it! 
  • Do You Know Your Employee Avatar?
    Customer avatars are used in marketing strategy as a way to define, visualize, and humanize a business’s ideal customer. So what about internal customers? Our employees are key business stakeholders responsible for the long-term success (or failure) of the company. Certainly we know who they are. Or do we?
  • Personal Integrity and Business Success
    The personal integrity and character of business leaders everywhere is coming into question. Who are these people? What do they stand for? What are their motivations? Can they be trusted? How can one maintain their personal integrity while pursuing business success?
  • 5 Signals of Disrespect You Didn’t Know You’re Sending
    You’re building a strong, collaborative team. You’re infusing fun and excitement into your culture. You believe in mutual respect for all people. But sometimes a little forgetfulness or a bad habit can undermine your efforts. What if you’re sending the wrong message?
  • Cheat-Day Like You Mean It
    Holidays and parties, birthdays and brewery tours, lunch dates and brunches. How do you manage a social calendar without blowing your diet? How do you indulge without falling completely off the wagon?

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