Mentor Program & Action Plan

Mentor Program & Action Plan

This program was designed for a grocery store customer service team in 2015.

Project Overview

  • Objective: Design a refresh of the existing employee mentor program
  • Finished Product: Program Document, Examples, and Action Plan
  • Timeline: 2 weeks
  • Role: Customer Service Supervisor & Mentor

As part of my interview for promotion, I was assigned a project to design a new mentor program. The current program had little oversight other than assigning team members to supervisors for mentorship. Each supervisor was mentoring 3-5 team members.

The quality of the mentorship depended on the supervisor, and some team members had complained that they were not getting anything out of the relationship. The supervisors, on the other hand, felt like they had no direction on what to do and that all the focus was on growing team members, neglecting their own career advancement.

The Program Document

This document lays out the expectations of the new program and how it will function. Some jargon is included: An ATL is an associate team leader and a TM is a team member.

Mentor Program plan document

Samples A & B

These samples explain what a mentor’s log might look like from the perspective of a supervisor mentoring a team member and an associate team leader mentoring a supervisor.

The Action Plan

This document explains exactly how the team will transition into the new program, specifically from the perspective of an associate team leader.

Action Plan


Although this plan was not executed, the response from the leadership team was still positive. The feedback was that the plan was well thought-out, but the presentation was too in-depth for the time allotted. In my next program plan, I’d need to take into account my audience’s attention span and threshold for nitty-gritty details.

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