Interactive HR Forms

Interactive HR Forms

This project was a series of form redesigns for a Human Resources department in 2019.

Project Overview:

  • Objective: Redesign existing HR forms to be easier to use and bridge the knowledge gap between current state and future self-service
  • Finished Product: Set of 3 interactive HR forms
  • Timeline: 6 weeks
  • Role: HRIS Specialist and Payroll Backup

Before this project, HR forms were filled out inconsistently across multiple business units depending on which HR manager was filling them out. Sometimes there was missing information. Sometimes the form retained old information from a previous submittal. Worst of all, the form didn’t even ask for the right information. Payroll had to interpret the form’s contents, sometimes going back and forth with HR via email.

After 6 months supporting the payroll function, it was clear that our current forms were not getting us the desired results.

If that wasn’t reason enough for a redesign, the company wanted to move toward HR self-service, at which time HR managers would be directly interacting with the HRIS. New forms would provide a middle step in this transition whereby HR managers would become accustomed to the HRIS terminology and the order in which employee changes are initiated.

Old Personnel Form

New Personnel Form

The decision to continue using Microsoft Word as the document type came from the need for accessibility across business units and locations. Some HR managers had Adobe software and some did not. Even if they had other PDF readers, it meant that I could not control the differences in user experience. Word, however, was everywhere.

The personnel form redesign went live within a week and it was such a success that the project expanded to include other HR documents.

Old Travel & Expense User Setup

New Travel & Expense User Setup

Old and New Exit Checklists


The growing pains going from the old forms to new forms lasted just a few weeks and overall the response from HR was positive. It was easy to add new fields as needed, and Payroll was able to speed up their response/data entry time with fewer back-and-forth emails.

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