Winning in Wisconsin? What’s that about?

Winning mindset.

I’m glad you asked. Simply put, winning is a mindset and Wisconsin is the cultural framework behind the articles in this blog.  

Wisconsin is known for several things. Among them are midwestern hospitality, farmer’s work ethic, and enthusiasm for the great outdoors. It’s about taking care of your friends and rooting for your team. It’s about working long hard days and taking off for the weekend whenever you can. 

A winning mindset can happen anywhere, but this author lives in Wisconsin.

Winning means getting the most out of life. It’s about creating meaningful relationships, taking care of your own happiness, and minimizing the bullshit. That’s why you’ll find three categories on the Winning in Wisconsin blog: People & Relationships, Strategy & Organization, and Happiness & Self-Care.

Friends out together with beers.

People & Relationships

Guess what? We don’t live on this planet alone. We interact with people, form friendships, make enemies, and influence each other. Doesn’t it make sense to focus some of our winning energy on making the most of our relationships? In the People & Relationships category, you’ll read about forming deep personal connections, building camaraderie, understanding different perspectives, and inspiring one another. It’s my belief that putting positive energy into healthy, nurturing relationships, is what fuels the energy we have for ourselves, and gives us the best chance to grow.

Organizing a huge project.

Strategy & Organization

A healthy dose of practical advice. No nonsense. Just real-world tools that have worked for me and helped me clear clutter, save time, save energy, and focus my brain. 

The point is, if you’re focused on winning, you’re going to need to free up a lot of time and mental power. You won’t have time for trivial things like choosing a tv show to watch or finding the can of tomato paste you swear you bought last week. Learn to make strategic changes, so all the minor details fall effortlessly into place. 

Choose the things that make you happy.

Happiness & Self-Care

What’s the best sign that you’re winning? Joy. Satisfaction. Happiness. None of it makes any sense if you’re not happy. This section focuses on all the ways you can reap the rewards of a life well-lived right now. It’s about preserving your wellbeing and seeking fulfillment. You’ll find tips on things to do, places to go, and ways to protect your sanity. 

Most importantly, this blog is about finding your stride. It’s about getting the maximum enjoyment out of life. It’s about winning. I hope this blog will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated, whether you’re winning in Wisconsin or Michigan, Alberta or Quebec, Nigeria or the UK.

—Written by Nina Ottman

Curious about my story? Check out the about page to read about what brought me to start this blog. Interested in collaborating? Shoot me an email through the contact page. 

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