Romantic Dates in Wisconsin: 5 Ideas Under $30

Looking for some romantic one-on-one time? Here are 5 inexpensive date ideas for you and your partner to get a little closer without breaking the bank.

Picnic on the beach

1. Picnic Inside (or outside)

Picnics can happen anywhere. Don’t let bad weather cramp your style. A bit of quiet privacy and some tasty food puts life in perspective and draws you closer to your partner. Get cozy with a thick blanket and some floor pillows. The best part? You don’t need to pack!

If the weather cooperates, Lake Michigan provides another romantic backdrop for a picnic. Near Milwaukee I like Big Bay Park, Atwater Beach, and Grant Park. If you have time for a drive, there’s Kohler Andre, Lapham Peak, Devil’s Lake, and many others.

2. Future Home Window Shopping

Okay, don’t be a weirdo. I don’t mean you should go around peeking into windows. I mean something along the lines of a neighborhood tour. I like to do this as a walking tour (yes, even in the winter), but going for a long drive can be just as nice. 

Pick a neighborhood with interesting or inspiring architecture and tour the neighborhood imagining yourselves living in each house you pass. What would you plant in the garden? Would you keep the paint color? Would you need new furniture for the balcony? It’s an opportunity to dream about your future and get to know each other better.

3. Comedy Show

On Friday and Saturday nights Milwaukee has a great show at ComedySportz. Good laughs, clean humor, and audience involvement. See what happens when you volunteer your partner as a participant. The whole performance is a competition between red and blue teams. Who will win?! They even have snacks and drinks if you’d like.

Pottery craft

4. Art and Craft Shows

Wisconsin has many artists and artisans who display their work at local galleries, art shows, and craft fairs. If you’re on the hunt for something to do, look for Gallery Nights, local festivals, farmers markets, Art in the Park, Night Markets and seasonal fairs. You can browse the handmade goods with your partner and come home with a souvenir. 

If you’re thinking about upcoming birthday or holiday gifts, this is a great way to take note of your partner’s tastes and interests. Be sure to get the seller’s business card!

5. Nature Hike

Hiking is one of my all-time favorite date activities. There’s nothing but you, your sweetheart, and the sound of the woods around you. Whether you’re in the Kettle Morane or on the bluffs of Lake Michigan, you’re sure to see beautiful trees, birds, mushrooms, and flowers. You might even see deer and chipmunks. Bring some binoculars with you to really make the most of your hike.

Wisconsin river and trees

Thinking about visiting Wisconsin?

Check out my post on how to plan your next vacation. It will walk you through all the steps including budgeting, choosing accommodations, and time management.

—Written by Nina Ottman

What are your favorite romantic date ideas? Share in the comments below.

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